Victory in Padang Serai will inject new spirit into BN - Sivaraj

Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for P.017 Padang Serai parliment Datuk C Sivaraj

26/11/2022 02:31 PM

KULIM, Nov 26 (Bernama) -- The victory of Barisan Nasional (BN) in the Padang Serai parliamentary seat in the 15th General Election (GE15) is expected to inject a new spirit into its members and leaders nationwide.

BN candidate Datuk C. Sivaraj said that although the political situation in this country is still uncertain, he believes the people still have a soft spot for the coalition.

“I believe the Padang Serai constituents will give BN an opportunity to fix the party and the country, and I also believe the wave will start here,” he said during a campaign round with young people here today.

The former MIC Youth chief was also optimistic that BN’s decision to join the unity government at the federal level would not impact the voting behaviour in the constituency.

Elaborating, Sivaraj said BN has a chance to win the seat, although it would be a daunting task, adding that he would work hard with the party’s machinery to win the voters’ support.

“We are facing many challenges, among them, the polling falls on a working day. But, I believe we can see solid support if our voters go out to cast their ballots.

“I’m not saying this is an easy task, but with our hard work, commitment and dedication together with the Padang Serai BN leadership, it is possible (to win), and we could make a wave from here,” he added.

The polling for the Padang Serai parliamentary seat was postponed following the death of one of the candidates, M. Karupaiya, 69, on Nov 16.

The Election Commission then fixed Dec 7 as polling day while early voting is on Dec 3.